Data Analytics Applied to School Violence


Nothing is more important to preventing school violence than having access to data and the ability to analyze it.  With over 15 years of experience in data analytics, primarily against persons, organizations and entities with histories of violence (i.e. terrorists, criminals, gangs etc.), TSC leverages Blue Light’s Blue Fusion solution. This solution allows entities to aggregate disparate data sources and combine that data with external data sources such as open source data (Google net), or social media data (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).  This aggregation of data is then analyzed using the powerful analytics and visualization tools of Blue Fusion which includes IBM®i2® Analyst Notebook, is the most widely deployed network analysis and data visualization tool used by thousands of governments, law enforcement agencies and militaries worldwide.  This allows schools to aggregate and simultaneously analyze data that has never before been analyzed in its totality. By revealing patterns and anomalies not apparent with current analytical systems, this solution can improve the ability to predict violence and intervene. Blue Fusion is the platform that TSC works on with our partner’s data feeds and products to create powerful analytics and awareness for educational institutions of all sizes.

Social Media Reporting Platforms: Start being proactive instead of reactive when it comes to dealing with incidents of inappropriate behavior that lead to avoidable issues. When students are comfortable sharing information with you, you will get the information you need to maintain a positive school climate and get students the help they need. You will have the ability to address issues early on, before they spiral out of control.

Everything about STOPit is designed to save you time and reduce your workload. STOPit streamlines your processes to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of investigations with STOPit’s case management system. STOPit is also a powerful deterrent. Students start thinking twice before making a bad decision. Fewer incidents translates into less work for you. 

Social Media Text Alerts: Critical information that can enhance your ability to identify risks, assess threats, and manage events is being shared—publicly—right now.  Social Sentinel helps safety and security teams better protect their communities and their brands by alerting them to threats shared publicly on social media. There are billions of posts made on social media and blogs daily and it is not easy to do what we do. It takes a unique mind to turn the dials to make sure that threats don’t go unnoticed, clients are well-served, and relationships with social media sources are nurtured.

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