How It Works

Most solutions focused on school violence are focused on reflexive or responsive measures i.e. physical security, active shooter training, exercises, social media analysis. While these measures are critical, they are only beneficial when a violent event is pending or ongoing.  To date, there has been minimal attempts to leverage the vast stores of data and information available from school systems, law enforcement, open source, social media and darkweb data to conduct predictive analytics to mitigate school violence.

The Safe Campus is designed to leverage Blue Light’s proprietary Blue Fusion application to collect and aggregate data from disparate sources from sensitive data to open source, darkweb and social media data in such a way that an analyst can conduct simultaneous queries, or what is known as federated searches of that data.

Possible Campus/LEA Databases
  • Counseling Records
  • Healthcare Records
  • StudentRecords
  • Teacher/Admin Records
  • Security Databases
  • ArrestRecords
  • EMS/RMS Files
  • Incident/Report Files
  • Suspect/WatchLists.
  • Vehicle Tracking
Possible Public Databases
  • Weather/Flood
  • Bus/Train/Flight
  • Traffic
  • Electrical Grid
  • Crime and Courts
  • Census
  • Education
  • Real Estate

Those queries and subsequent analyses are conducted using advanced tools and technologies to apply complex analyses such as link analysis, geospatial analysis, temporal analysis to provide schools with the ability to identify problematic individuals that could pose a threat to the school. Based on IBM i2® Analyst Notebook and combined with anonymous texting platforms such as STOPit™, the platform provides schools with a powerful, proven application that uses existing data and social networks to get ahead of violence before it happens.

A proven methodology with significant advantages

The Safe Campus (TSC) has numerous advantages as a proven solution for addressing School Violence issues:

TSC is a very affordable solution that can help schools of all sizes, depending on scope of installation, size of campus, and the amount of applications such as darkweb, social media or incident response tools desired.  Basic packages run as low as $70,000 to $80,000 for a five-year commitment including training, license fees and renewals or $14-16,000 a year.
Minimal Impact on IT Architecture
Because TSC uses Blue Light’s Blue Fusion™ appliance, the customer’s data remains where it is.  There is no need for a single database or data migration.
TSC meets all Federal and industry requirements for cybersecurity and data security such as HIPAA, FERPA, CJIS and PCI.
TSC uses the same technologies that Blue Light has been training commercial, law enforcement and military analysts for years. The system is designed to be used by a dedicated, trained asset such as a School Resource Officer or analyst, but nothing more than an aptitude for technology is needed to learn how to use the platform.

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