The SAFE Campus is designed to increase awareness of significant threats to schools in order to predict them and intervene prior to escalation.

The only predictive analytical platform on the market targeting school violence

The Safe Campus (TSC) is a solution developed to address the continuing and unfortunate issue of violence in American schools.  The solution, based on proven technologies, analytical techniques and emergency response procedures, provides educational facilities of all levels the ability to combine both internal and external data sources and comprehensively analyze them providing the ability to rapidly identify potential violent situations.

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The Safe Campus Solution

To ensure a successful model towards preventing school violence, TSC contains proven technologies that provide schools, universities, and any other educational institutions the ability to possibly predict/prevent school violence.  TSC provides the capability to rapidly respond to an incident by providing the ability to ingest and analyze vast amounts of in-house and external data as well as leverage public data feeds and streams to provide critical information necessary to respond to an emergency situation.  Customers can select some or all parts of the solution depending on what they have on-site in order to adapt the solution to their needs.

The SAFE Campus comes in an affordable “basic” package with additional add-ons that schools can select if desired.

  • Turn-Key
  • Affordable
  • Out of the Box
  • Trainable
  • Easily Deployed
  • Uses Existing Data
  • No Long Term Contracts
  • Proven Technologies

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